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Principally known for delivering business humor, Scott’s success has been built on the Power of Laughter and the Language of Business™. And more importantly, it's been driven by making it his business to know yours. He does deep dives into your people, products, buzzwords and acronyms; and surfaces with custom content that provides fresh, funny perspectives on topics like teamwork, customer and client engagement, connecting, and more.


As a corporate entertainer, comedian, author and personal growth advocate, Scott draws from his professional and personal world to deliver a hilarious and insightful talk that illustrates the importance of connecting with colleagues, co-workers and customers that goes beyond the perfunctory.


I can’t recommend Scott more highly – fun, passionate, intelligent, prepared – he simply crushed it!
Gregg Holgate., SVP of Sales, Lincoln Financial Group


It’s A Funny Thing

How Laughter Connects People and Cultivates Engagement

A customized, entertaining, laugh out loud, comedic keynote that builds relationships.

Using identifiable, made-to-order content infused with humor and plenty of audience participation, Scott illustrates how the power of keeping it light AND personal can foster healthy, sustainable connections that can grow your business.


He leans heavily into his core comedic strength and purposefully deploys laughter as the tonic for maximizing these lessons and the experience.


Scott’s keynote is for and about the audience. At its core, it provides a customized, entertaining, feel-good, funny, bonding experience that rivets and opens audiences up to your messages and ideas. It allows them to laugh hard and take a deep breath. It allows them to trust and relax. To take in the moment. And it reminds them of why building relationships is so important in business. 


Harnessing both the power of laughter and the language of business, Scott employs lots of interactive tools to have the audience connect to him and with one another. They'll see and feel the relationships in the room progress and grow.  And they'll leave energized and incentivized to break out of their comfort zone and look at new ways of meeting people and networking.  New ways of collaborating and creating.

Scott's keynote clearly will bring diverse audiences together as one and revitalize channels of communication.



Scott, you were a major hit at our national sales conference -
you were awesome! People are still buzzing about you!

C.C., Global Marketing Officer, AT&T


Bottom line is that in a seriously funny way, Scott connects with the audience to demonstrate how the audience can connect and engage with each other. The ideas shared will surely impact your results as your team learns to build new bonds and grow through laughter.

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