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Hosting My 1st Virtual Replicate of a Full-On, In-Person Experience

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

I recently hosted a virtual gathering of 3500 for a 2-day global tech conference. Infosys Confluence 2020. I’ve done that before; but it was my first time hosting a virtual replicate of a full-on, in-person experience.

It was awesome and beyond cool. The conference included a gaming-quality, animated venue that was inclusive of “physical” spaces for keynotes, breakout sessions, a lab center, a Social Lounge. And get this.

It also featured general session segments formatted to model a late-night TV program replete with a funny host (me!) and a super-talented house band.

All of these features, combined with my emcee and comedic ability to keep things moving and to keep things light (most humble brag, may I say), kept the audience riveted while rendering some big-time client reviews. A few follow. Take a look:

"You did an awesome job of hosting the Infosys event! You demonstrated such a sense of ownership, that we felt as if you are an Infoscion. Super impressed!"

Satish Grampurohit

Delivery Head - Global Insurance Vertical, Infosys

"I have worked on over 500+ events both live and online in the last 10 years, but I have never worked with an emcee of Scott's calibre. He is a professional's professional, and just a joy to work with. Not only did Scott make it look easy, he handled both the client, the world-famous speakers, and the attendees with grace, humor, and professionalism that can only be described as world-class."

Christo Alexander

Event Consultant, Christo Alexander Creative

"As Navin iterated post event, it was a pleasure to have you host Confluence 2020. You were fun, energetic, engaging and a breath of fresh air."

Dhruv Kanal

Sr. Associate- Marketing Manager at Infosys

"I understand that the event went off very well and Infosys really enjoyed having Scott as their host. They told me he was ‘fantastic’! They were also very appreciative of the effort that he put into the preparation making the event a huge success."

Bindu Malik Krushna

National Head, London Speaker Bureaus


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