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This is Scott On … Kicking up the Connections and Getting a Good Buzz Going

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

At a recent virtual sales kick-off for a leading Managed IT company, I definitely upped the ante on engagement. Here’s what I did. In return for a quick shout-out during the broadcast, I invited attendees to reach out to me via LinkedIn.

Dozens upon dozens of attendees showed up in the chat and created a big buzz online. Take a look at the feedback above.

Of course, this all translated into keeping the audience connected and engaged which, of course, met the client's objective.

The client also had another objective. They also wanted to present a more polished program. So instead of using the boring look of a traditional zoom call, I met the executives in a small studio installed in their Las Vegas offices which created a cool, intimate meeting environment.

So between the hip, studio vibe and the action in the chat room, virtual got very lively and met with much success.


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