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This is Scott On … His Comedic Keynote

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Hey Guys! If you’re looking for an entertaining, funny, keynote with a message about making strong connections; well, look no further!

As a corporate entertainer and comedian, author and personal growth advocate, I draw from my professional and personal world to deliver a hilarious and insightful talk that illustrates the importance of building strong relationships with colleagues, co-workers and customers that goes beyond the ordinary courtesies. It goes deeper. I dig in and get to the heart of your peers.

And how do I get to the heart? Laughter, of course. And I generously use it to maximize the experience. I totally get that laughter inspires hope and connects people to others. So through humor and fun-filled audience participation, I share tips on how to create the most powerful connections.

Bottom line is that in a seriously funny way, I connect with the audience to demonstrate how the audience can connect with each other.

My keynote serves as a perfect opener in a general session to set the tone or as the closing concept that cements it.

So next time you’re looking for a Comedic Keynote, take a look at me, Scott Bloom!


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