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We all know the benefits of virtual meetings.

But did we know that this powerful tool can be made exponentially more robust?

They can. And should.


A virtual event comprised of only talking heads and PowerPoints can be mind-numbing.   While attending a lot of meetings in any given week can cause Zoom fatigue. 

Conversely, a meeting with a professional event emcee can be energizing and compelling.

It can keep an audience riveted to the screen and open to the content. It can boost interest and engagement.  Provide meeting continuity and consistency.  Set the tone.  And cultivate an environment where viewers stay transfixed on the message and meeting purpose.

Adding a funny virtual emcee can provide interstitial moments of comic relief that can refresh an audience.

Humor lightens burdens, inspires hope, connects people to others, and keeps them grounded, focused, and alert. And most importantly, it creates impressions and makes meetings memorable. Virtual. Hybrid. Or Live.


And that’s where Scott Bloom comes in.

Not only did Scott make it look easy, he handled the client, the world-famous speakers, and the attendees with grace, humor, and professionalism that can only be described as world-class.
-Christo Alexander, Event Consultant, Christo Alexander Creative




Not only does Scott understand the power of laughter and the language of business but as a virtual event emcee, Scott can present in various program formats (live, pre-recorded or hybrid) for:

  • Internal Meetings

  • Customer Events

  • User Conferences

  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Moderated Round Tables

  • Award Galas

Using familiar live-event techniques, Scott can also translate his onstage work to virtual using familiar live-event practices:

  • Meeting Openers

  • Executive Intros

  • Seamless Transitions

  • Interview Segments

  • Interactive Games

  • Live Q&A Sessions

  • Panel Moderator

And he can do all of that from his professional home broadcast studio outfitted with a high-end 4K camera, state-of-the-art audio and lighting, green screen, teleprompter and on-site technical director.



Turn-Key Production Services and Comedic Writing

Not only can Scott act as your virtual moderator but Scott has recently partnered with a team of extraordinary writing partners from both the corporate and sitcom worlds as well as with the technical world to bring comedic scripting to your projects or to provide turn-key virtual production of the whole event.  Or both.  Ask us about our most recent endeavors.

For now,  here’s a short highlights reel of a recent awards show produced wholly by Scott and his colleagues.

Broadcast to the US, Europe, and Asia, our challenge was to design an engaging and entertaining program that would keep this worldwide audience tuned in. Gaming-quality graphics, a content-rich program, cool animations, and game show breaks helped to make the roll call of 133 names lively, interesting, and electric! And I believe we delivered a virtual winner; all while working from our respective home studios in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Florida.

Thank you all for the great writing and the great process. We couldn’t have pulled it off without your talent and dedication.
-Eric Ward, GES, Creative Director




Virtual Tips

Working as a virtual moderator, Scott has learned what it takes to deliver an effective virtual presentation that engages your audience.  To ensure that you’re equipped to make the most of your digital efforts, take a look at Scott’s best practices.  They’re ridiculously entertaining.  And they’ll most definitively help boost your confidence (well, maybe) so that you too can be more successful.  Go ahead and laugh.  Release those endorphins. It’s about time!

Brilliant! Great video and fun concept!
-Glen Gautier, EP, Two Plus Communications



Funny Videos

And along the way, Scott has made some pretty funny videos for use in his virtual shows. Here’s a few that might tickle your funny bone.

Thanks much for your selfless dedication, always great humor and professionalism. We could not have done it without you — and Chad of course!

-Randy Ehman, Keppler Speakers



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