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A Testimonial from Lincoln Financial

My recent keynote address for financial giant, Lincoln Financial Group, garnered high praise from high places. So awesome of Lincoln to be so kind. Here's the backstory. Lincoln was conducting one of their first in-person incentive programs in a long time. The experience had to be worth the wait. And their keynote had to connect and hit a responsive chord with the attendees. My address on building powerful connections met the criteria. And then some. As a corporate entertainer, student of spirituality and therapy head, I’ve harnessed the power of emotional connections for over 25 years, and as an outcome of that, I strive to go beyond an ordinary customer satisfaction address. I like to demonstrate what it takes to connect with a client’s customers by seriously connecting with the audience. Using lots of good humor, fun-filled audience participation, and a closing “name memorization” exercise, (I memorized the names of the entire audience of 100), I bonded with the crowd and apparently crushed the keynote. By all accounts, the presentation was insightful and hilarious. Not to mention, commendable!


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