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Pure Virtual Gold

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Sure enough, I was feeling right at home with Zillow during their 4-Day Virtual Summer Games event. Here’s the back story.

Designed to connect and motivate employees through a fun, interactive competition, Zillow needed a host (and a coach) that could keep things moving, lively, energetic and positive.

According to all sources, I successfully managed the event from one intense game to the next while, I’m told, winning fans along the way. I got them engaged in vigorous bouts of spelling bees and sports trivia, push-up tournaments, TikTok dance-offs, home scavenger hunts, silly pet tricks, emoji Pictionary and more. 

At the finish line, the employees and their coach, that would be moi, all walked away with the Gold.

If you’re interested in how I can bring the gold home to your next virtual, hybrid or live event, please reach out for more information.


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