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The Hankering Brothers. An Out-of-the-Box Approach to Marketing!

There’s a belief that when there’s a glut in the market and competition gets fierce, one should offer a breakthrough concept, a differentiator, that keeps a brand above the rest. It’s called strategy. And that’s what my pal, John Di Dominico, and I did. We created a through-the-back-door-way of getting the attention of a few Chief Marketing Officers.

We posed as the yet-to-be-named internal brand ambassadors with the end goal of becoming the voice for big and small company brands. However, and as suggested above, the means to get there, are as breakthrough as the brothers. Instead of knocking on doors to sell the concept, we’re betting on our Hankering Brothers videos to go viral; which might eventually get noticed by the executive buying types.

To date, the Brothers have posted a campaign on social media adopting BRAGG Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar as their first target. Comically lauding the benefits of drinking BRAGG once a day, we demonstrate how we can become the unforgettable spokespersons for BRAGG. And in so doing, prove how effective adding some personality can be in communicating to internal and external audiences.

I really feel like funny ‘keynotes’ like John and myself work well in a live or virtual setting because we bring a fresh sparkle to familiar subjects. With that thought in mind, imagine If you could incorporate that personality into everyday communication with both internal and external audiences? I believe you can almost guarantee that the main message will be heard. Think about it. Engaging audiences with funny, lively characters creates anticipation and opens the door to the sell, so to speak. Need I say more? Ok, one other note.

The Hankering Brothers are still hankering to hear from BRAGG, but it’s a process. In the meantime, the brothers are ruminating about their next target.


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