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Writing Comedy for an Out-of-This-World Virtual Meeting

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Instead of being hired to host a virtual meeting, I was recently hired as a writer to bring an out-of-this-world virtual meeting concept to life for an awesome division of a leading software company.

Together with a team of extraordinary writing partners from both the corporate and sit-com worlds, I created characters and storylines that carried the meeting and meeting messages through from launch to touch down.

In total, we developed 20 interstitial transition sketches for two actors playing space jockeys traveling through the universe with a mission to deliver messages about togetherness, integrated experiences, modernization and future moves towards success.

The pre-recorded video, destined to be broadcast to a global audience of thousands over four days, was preceded by Zoom writing sessions and a table run with the producers and client.

This was definitely one of the most creative efforts I’ve made to date. Designed to keep audiences tuned in and riveted to a long virtual sales meeting journey, I think I’ve now gone beyond the outer limits of hosting


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