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Zoom Fatigue and How to Get Over It

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Hey guys, guess what?

This could be big news. You can quickly take your next meeting from exhausting to exhilarating!

Some background first.

In this age of zoom meetings, "zoom fatigue" — what we’ve come to know as the exhausting outcome of staring directly at a screen for minutes at a time without any visual or mental break — is setting in.

Given the state of things, we may be zooming around for many more months and we can’t afford to lose attention to sheer exhaustion.

That said, bring in the clowns. Just kidding, but how about a professional tonic otherwise known as the lighthearted moderator?

That’s right. Whether you’re hosting a big or small meeting, you should consider upping the ante by adding an extra level of production value that will take your meeting from exhausting to exhilarating. And who might that be? That would be me, of course. LOL.

Just by way of example …

ADP recently employed me for a small leadership meeting of 20. I virtually hosted a 4-hour session that included interviews, games and a whole lot of funny which kept participants engaged and exhilarated. It paid off big for ADP. It'll do the same for you. Set the alarm on zoom fatigue. Wake up, and give me a call, and we can talk about how.


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